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Query Regarding WSS

Joydip Das

I am using WSS before SOS for restricted access of SOS. I am able to configure successfully WSS and able to call RegisterSensor and InsertObservation.
Now I have a specific requirement regarding GetObservation which need to be called with OfferingId & ObservedProperty only.

I am successfully getting response for GetObservation  while I am hitting directly to SOS with proper inputs of

But the same request xml  is not working while I am hitting SOS via WSS.
In the WSS request xml I need to give below inputs for getting successful same response xml.

Is it the case that all requests that are successful with SOS not been supported by WSS (if SOS ia called via WSS) ?
Or is there any other way of doing this. Please suggest.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Thanks and Regards,
Joydip Das
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