[52N Security] 52n Security API releases 2.0.9

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[52N Security] 52n Security API releases 2.0.9

Jan Drewnak (52north)
The 52n Security & GeoRM Team is pleased to announce the release of the Security API, versions 2.0.9.

Visit http://52north.org/maven/project-sites/security/api/2.0/index.html for more information.

Please note that this is a maintenance release. More recent features like WFS, WPS, and SOS interceptors are part of the 2.1 branch.

Summary of Bug Fixes
419 ProxyManager should be case-insensitive regarding host names in nonProxyHosts system property
430 Wrong querystring encoding if protected service URL already contains a query string
420 Not meeting Servlet Specification in EnforcementServiceServlet
423 files WEB-INF/* not detectable in Weblogic
426 Wrong use of String.valueOf()
292 Facade sends duplicated header attributes to WSS
411 Remove FacadeActionServlet
398 [Facade- IP Constrains] IP Constrains doesn't honor X-Forwarded-For header
403 Wrong parsing of post parameter body if "no auth" method is used
405 HTTP status codes are not transfered to the wss client
406 Facade should support GZIP Encoding for better performance
422 [PDP] Evaluation results in dead lock if response size is too big
353 No check for null values in DOMSerializerOptions.encode
407 Remove XML declaration from gateway response



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